exact vertex movement, multipe vertices

is there a way to move multipe vertices at once to a desired loaction?

for instance, i want to mirrror an object, but my center line is a litte wobbly, so i want to use the transform properties floater and change LocY for the entire center ring of a mesh.

its a bit of a sloppy mesh, but this wold fix it, along with a half DEL and mirror.

Thanks for the help

Hi xJOZx,

If you delete half of your mesh, then mirror and switch on Do Clipping, the if you select the center ring
of your mesh and drag it towards then past your centreline, this should then straighten all your verts
as requested.

Hope this helps? if you cannot get it working I can do a quick tutorial with screenshots.

Kindest Regards,


If you get them all in a straight line first (select your verts, hit Skey, select the appropriate axis with x,y or z key, then type in 0 (zero) they will line up in a straight line). then just grab them, select the axis to move them on and type in the value you want.

Hope that helps.

Nice one pixelmass, very nice solution.



thanks for the workaround, but im guessing there is no tool then?

Hi xJOZx

I think you can get a Python script that performs this funtion
Vertex Align v 08 03 05
Under scripts…