example for a mirror when making a mesh!

i can make the upper part of a model and the lower part is the mirror of the upper part

so i need to make a mirror of the upper part then re locate it and connect the 2 parts

is there any example of doing such a model mesh?
may be in edit mode !

thanks for any help

You can either modify you code (script) to accept/process negative values (amazing how often that works) or try to use mirror option for bpy.ops…

well i found a way to use like X = -X plus offset

it does the trick but not very elegeant!

but would like to see a good example of applying the mirror in edit mode !


Use script window for manual Blender modifications… then add to/develop script :slight_smile:

i’ll tet some more

it does hel to look at the report window
but it does not give all teh commands
so got be carefull!LOL