Example for testing 3D player camera?

Hi. I would need an example: terrain, boxes for buildings, player character as box. I try to implement jumping but I could code short-cut keys to move on top of piles of boxes.

I play Guild Wars 2. There have been many camera related wishes; including many from me. I would like to test these in some other system because GW2 is closed source and commercial. I had my own 3D program in GNU/Linux and I implemented there combined 3rd and 1st person view camera with Gabriel Knight 3 / UnrealEd type movement system; now I don’t have GNU/Linux.

Skyrim has combined 3rd and 1st person view camera, if you wonder what I mean.

And sure my work will be open source.

Well I am a bit confused but will help you, but please sort out your thoughts on a picture?

I don’t understand what you want.

Sounds like a huge wish-list.

Pro-tip: No-one is going to make your game for you.

I have a 3rd person camera rig in resources, and there are many others, dig, and learn :D,

Learn to read.

Edit: Sorry the jump, but we don’t need rude comments like above. I cannot join other projects because I’m not that good coder. I’m better at having ideas, and so far I have implemented them in my own simple testbed programs. Looking for change, and Blender game engine could be it.

Basically I need create a test scene with boxes. The boxes should have collision model, to be used with collision/physics engine. I know nothing about collision systems. I thought to check collisions myself at every frame.

After creating the scene, I would implement the camera system and the movement system. The collision engine would help in movement.

For camera, I have used the camera described in Jim Blinn’s paper on Nested Transformations and Blobby Man, IEEE CG&A 1987. It allows seamless transition between 3rd and 1st person views, and clay maker’s table. See Skyrim and the editor Creation Kit, both.

I want thinker these issues because OpenMW (Morrowind engine clone) is progressing. The camera in OpenMW’s editor is now pretty bad.

I contributed to GW2 wishlist as well, and I see no problem in implementing my good ideas to open source community. I wish we would have a game like GW2…