Example of my real time waves in BGE

Heres some real time waves that can be used in the BGE. Press 1 to watch the waves increase and then decrease on size. seems to run pretty fast. Hope someone can use it.


ocean waves.blend (799 KB)

here another version with a better texture


ocean waves.blend (795 KB)

Looks like the last one didnt get textures. try this.


ocean waves01.blend (1.93 MB)

Yea that worked. Its the same as the other one. Prees play to enter the game engine. press 1 to make waves biger. W for forward and A-D for left or right. looks like this and still runs 60 FPS.

Looks cool, although the waves needs some variation. I looked at it pretty fast, could not figure out how it worked. Could you explain the method you use to achieve this?

Look in outliner at the armiture. First I made a rectangle with nine sections then parented nine armiture to each section. Then animated the armitures to create a perfect sine wave. Then i parented the armitures to a cube. I applied 2 array modifiers to make the ocean as big as needed. An made a scale animation on the cube obj. Set up logic brick to play the wave animation always, and key 1 to run the scale animation which enlarges the wave height.

Oh wow, I had no idea you could instance an animated mesh like that using the array modifier, this opens the door for all kinds of animated surfaces.

Overall, it’s a neat trick, though I wonder if you really need that many bones for what seems to be a simple sine-wave animation.

I bet it doesn’t work as an exe.

I added the center row of armitures to create a little more variety in the wave action, but you can do it with just 9 armitures. And I haven’t tried making an EXE. Don’t know if that would work or not. If you have any suggestions on making it simpler or giving it more variety let me know.

That’s a very cool trick! Looks pretty good already, but if you modified the wave action a little bit, and threw a shader on it, then it would look fantastic.

I wonder if Martinsh fantastic water mode could be applied to it. Right now I mosly run it in shadeless mode which is lighter on resources. In GLSL mode high specularity starts to show th edges of the arrays. But it works at a cost in frame rate.

2.66 make .exe and it work this is cool.

Great I’ll Have to try it.