I attempted modelling a sword when I first started with Blender. I ended up abandoning the project. I started again yesterday from scratch and this is what I have so far.

Textured in Substance painter. Any advice on getting better textures would be helpful.

Note: I know the hilt and pommel designs need more work. I need to get better reference images and practice creating alpha’s for the height map ‘stamp’

Reworked the mesh again and starter texturing from new.

Well, when I look at the second image, which reveals details not immediately-apparent in the first, I suppose that I immediately arrive at two conclusions:

(1) Never present – nor labor upon – a detail that will not be “jumps right out at you obvious” in each-and-every image that you choose to present.

(2) “Therefore, quite probably …” Every detail that you choose to include had better be ‘stupendously obvious.’

Your “filigreed detail” is amazing, but at best it only accounts for one-third of the sword. (The next third is “I don’t know what,” the last third is nothing.)

Therefore: "take the pattern that you have applied to one-third of the sword, then first apply it to 100% of the sword, then make the entire pattern obvious.

Finally – simplify the rock-pattern upon which the sword now sits, because “the entire purpose of ‘the pattern upon which the sword now sits’” properly ought to be to (at a glance …) reflect the viewer’s attention away from the rock and right back onto the sword. Nothing more, nothing less. “The Sword is the Almighty Product.™”

Thank you for your input :+1: :+1:

Just to clarify your points…

Don’t waste time on details I’m not making obvious in my render and any details I am showing make them stand out and obvious to the viewer. Also, the ‘background’ is drawing attention away from the sword.

Thanks again, I’ll keep at it and post an update asap :smiley:

Made a small update, not 100% happy with the hilt still. I want to make the alpha heigh detail much smoother.