Excellent and Original Animation


i hope some enjoy this as much as i did


Well, that was certainly “different”. But rather enjoyable to watch.

Thanks for posting the link.


kick ass!

that stuff is great, you just need the correct cam for that :wink:

That was awesome. Very mechanical and organic at the same time. I would be happy to have just created one of those scenes.

wow, very cool look.

and all so imaginative and original.

Pretty sweet! Never seen something so cool! Loved it!

Sweet! Is this a video clip for the music that’s playing? Looks absolutely inventive…

very interesting

/me goes off to make one of the little white blinky things with tails.

I agree it was different. But I found it quite boring and I didn’t like the music. Is it Indian/Egyptian music or something? There was a similar soundtrack on that mindfields animation.

Plantperson would probably like this.

actionwise, yes it was boring, but quality wise, it was not, even on all the little camera shakes and such, the objests tracked perfectly, the lighting was superb, and the little blinkings where well animated and timed.

That was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

I was very impressed by the quality. :smiley:

that gave me the creeps.

in a good way.

a very god way.

a couple of the first ones gave me those almost-sick alwsome-tingles.

it you’ve ever had them, you know what i’m talking about.

I had my speakers turned down when I started it… and when I turned them up the music sounded very weird… like two types of techno mixed together. Suddenly I realized I had itunes playing a techno radio station at the same time. Coincidentally (or not… depending on your view of techno) the beats lined up almost perfectly and it sounded pretty good…

And as for the video… D_o