Excellent article quoting the great Ton!

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Check out this really kewl OpenGL article that feature’s the Blender creator. I looked to see if someone had posted this, so I’m sorry if it’s a repost.


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Who is Tom Rosenthal?

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Americans! :slight_smile:

If I were a US immigrant, I thnk it would have become

Anthony Roosedale


Tony Rosevalley


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The initial release of this story has been edited. The original release had Mr Rosendaal’s name misspelled as Rosenthal. I sincerely apologize for this mistake, and want to clarify that the proper name of the Blender developer we had interviewed was Tom Rosendaal. Thank you for your patience.

ahh, that’s better…no…wait…WTF!
someone give that author a cup of coffee :smiley:


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“an open attitude to share
their minds.”

wouldn’t mindshare be more appropriate?..perhaps we make a couple of plugins for the brain…then we’de mindshare like the borg

anyone with me? :smiley:

(oh and your are able to encrypt certain…thoughts :wink: )

The Blender Foundation is getting more and more known in the world of open source, and 3d!

I think this packadge will become a official standard for free 3d aps…dont ya think?

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NEVER disrespect the greatest software ever! We must throw the writer into 1998 and show them his REAL name!


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Hehe, he was joking the second time round. I thought it was fairly obvious…


My eyes are bleeding as I speak, lay off the bright yellow - It’s headache inducing.

Interesting article tho’

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Yah, somebody already posted on the Crystal Space forum, with several replies. They’ve got their eyes on us already :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: Yellow, watch out!!! 8) 8) 8) Put 'em shades on man!

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Oh, now I’m mad… Hell, I’m really mad. It’s time to put that monster down. Hey, can I say I noticed gravity first, therefore everytime you all roll a ball down hill, you have to pay me… Or no, I’ll be nice… don’t pay me, just rub my back for an hour a day… arn’t I nice?

Kill the beast! I can’t believe they have the gaul, they can’t win, we can take them down on this issue, take them all the way down. You can’t pattent logic, I can’t see it and ultimately that’s what coding is, logic!

Ooooh I wish I hadn’t seen that artical, I’m flaming mad!!! :x