(Detritus) #1

Why has Excellentwhale left the Blender community? I visited his website yesterday, but didn´t see anything there except this message:

"Multiple insults by Theeth and Acasto made me come to
the decision I no longer belong to this community. "

What´s all that about? Have I missed something?

If we blenderusers are going to bullie each other all the time, what´s the point with a community? :frowning:

(acasto) #2

Who is excellentwhale?

That’s not the same as bigwhale is it? If it is, then it’s not about people bullying each other around, it’s about some being able to dish it out, but not take it. Many people here have disagreements with others in certain threads. It is not that uncommon that some insults fly around. But a few people tend to be rude to others, then get mad when others are rude back. Then they stay mad, and think that the communty dosn’t want them.

(overextrude) #3

It’s unfortunate that his decision was based on a part of the community that is, if anything, rather small and insignificant. Would you happen to have a URL for his web site or an e-mail address?

(acasto) #4

Insignificant? Hmmmm… see, can dish it out but can’t take it. You and I have had many confilticts of interest throughout many discussion. However I have nothing personally against you. So what I don’t see some things the way you do, is that any reason to base what you think of somebody? Look at politicians and lawyers, there is many…many of them in which have views that conflict with a lot of people, but many of them arn’t bad people. Ok… maybe comparing someone to politicians and lawyers is going to far :wink: … but the point is…is what’s the point?

(Detritus) #5

Would you happen to have a URL for his web site or an e-mail address?

Yeah, the URL is http://home.iae.nl/users/exwhale/blender/.

Is there maybe any conversation between acasto, theeth and bigwhale lying around here, so that I can read it and then judge for myself? Maybe I was a little hasty when I judged acasto and theeth, I tend to get that when people are treated badly.

(acasto) #6

Hey Detritus, I don’t know exactly where the thread is, but I can tell you where it all happened. Then perhaps you can do a search. The whole thing began when the announcement first came out about NaN going under. A thread was started about it, and it grew to quite an interesting story. We all posted our opinions on the situation, bigwhale, having a more intimate knowledge of the facts, then came and posted some information, and in the process being quite rude as to what he thought about our opinions. I then brought to attention the fact that it was indeed a forum and we was all entitled to our opinions. From there a flamewar broke out, in which some pretty imature and dumb comments was posted from multiple parties, including myself. I did say some things that I really shouldn’t have, but then apologized in the thread about my generalized comments.

I don’t think that anyone should take anything people said to heart in that conversation. It was a time in which many of us was posting on emotion rather than thinking things through. We all have put much time and faith into Blender, when at the time it was basically pronounced dead. So it is understandable where the emotion was coming from.

(Detritus) #7

Ahh… I understand. Same thing happened in mackes flame-war about religion, though I think that no one got seriously hurt during that conversation.
A good rule to follow during internet conversations is to be nice to the people you´re talking to, and not get upset if they insult you; it´s so easy to insult someone if you cant see his/hers reaction (or get slapped in your face :stuck_out_tongue: ), so you really shouldn´t take internet conversations so serious.

(Timonides) #8


I may not be the most appropriate person to answer your question and I sure don’t have the right to judge others.

But still, I 've got the impression that BigWhales decision had nothing to do with acasto and Theeth. That was only the ridge of the iceberg.

Yeah, ofcourse there were some insidents between them, but I recall BigWhale saying, in some posts, that for some reason, he started to “dislike” the community, way before that fight between him and acasto.
And ofcourse it was the way that he lost his job during NaN’s bankrupcy. Acasto and Theeth happened to be there, at the wrong time and place… It could have been someone else aswell…

I don’t really know, if he is wrong or right and ofcourse, he has the right to like/dislike, the community. I can not judge acasto or Theeth or anybody else, either…

I just would like to say that, it is a sad thing when a member of this community leaves us this way…


(overextrude) #9

Thanks a bunch…that did the trick. : )

Yes, and a very talented one at that.

(dotblend) #10

He’s one of the blender developers already from the beginning, so some respect is in it’s place!