Excess Icons on Desktop?

Help! I have a ton of junky icons on the bottom of the screen(you know, those annoying ones that are usually to the right of the Start button on Windows, those quickstart link things). I really want to do away with some of those, like MSN Messenger, HP Image Tracker, and a few others. They take forever to load when I log onto XP and I have to click off the danged things every single time.
Is there a way to get rid of them? I hope this is the right forum, cuz this isn’t computer graphics or Blender, it’s just Windows stuff.

First check out which programs have an option to turn this taskbar-thingy off. I know MSN Messenger has such an option somewhere (Preferences?). Then you could try removing the other icons with msconfig (Start -> Run -> msconfig) or jv16 Powertools (trial works too: http://www.macecraft.com/downloads/).

right click taskbar.

Click unlock taskbar.

Right click icons you don’t want.

Select delete.

Job done (assuming XP, if not leave steps 1 and 2 out)


it sounds like you’re talking about two different things

the quick launch [usually just to the right of the start button, but off by default in windows xp I think]

and the system tray [“notification area”] next to the clock on the right [difficult to disable [disabling it doesn’t stop the programs either], and the things there are actually running programs]

if you meant the system tray you will have to find the setting for each individual application to not have it start with your computer. Sometimes you can remove the shortcut from them from the “Startup” menu in the start menu and it will do it, too often not.

to get rid of things in the system tray there is an easy step.

click start, run, type msconfig, click ok. in the startup tab uncheck anything that you know you don’t want starting at the beginning automatically, like qttask (quicktime) or soundman.exe (gigabyte sound manager).

Then click Ok and restart when prompted.

Part 2:
If you don’t ever use things like windows messenger or media player, you can get rid of them. Click start, control panel, “Add or remove programs”, and here is the tricky part, you have to go to the “add remove windows components” on the left, a dialog box will come up, scroll through that list and uncheck what you don’t want. Click next and it will help you remove those.

That will solve your problem.

Now, if only I knew this much about linux…

Also try using virtual desktop. really helps to organize things and clean everything up. here’s a link with some software you can try out:


Or just switch to linux…