Excessive noise in well-lit scene?

So I’ve had issues with noise in darker scenes than this, which I understand. With this scene, I’ve tried all the usual tricks (disable caustics, clamp direct and indirect, adding portals to the windows, etc.), but there just seems to be a lot more noise than there should be in a scene like this. And this is at 2000 samples.

Besides de-noising my render (which, after I rendered the above shot, I realized hadn’t been turned on), I feel like there’s something I’m missing to eliminate most of the noise. I see all these finished interior shots from other artists, and I can’t make out a single spec of noise, and they’ll commonly be around the 2000-sample range.

I’ll be happy to add shots of my workspace if that would be helpful too.

You have MIS on the computer screens, which act as lights, but don’t really contribute to room lightning, loosing a lot of samples. You should to deactivate MIS in their material tab. Or use BPT, with sample all light option, but their is a bug with BPT and MIS. So just remove MIS from lights not contributing to the scene. Cycles in general doesn’t really like having many lights at the moment.

By the way, the interior render in this thread E-Cycles - Faster cuda rendering - General Forums / Latest News - Blender Artists Community is using 576 spp