[EXCHANGE] Matchmove and 3D Creature Needed

Hello all!

I have a 5 minute short film titled “Summoning” that is complete EXCEPT for the insertion of a CG creature. Everything else is done on this film, but the matchmoving, modeling, and compositing has proved beyond my team’s abilities.

The film is a “Harry Potter meets Witches of Eastwick” short about two girls whose attempts at casting a spell have unintended consequences. Instead of breaking a curse, they inadvertently attract the attention of a creature which is loosely described as “slug tentacles.”

The challenges are in approximately 10 short (100 to 300 frames at 23.976 fps, 2.5k) shots that require:

  • Matchmoving - the camera technique has made this very challenging: blurry backgrounds, rolling shutter, and an anamorphic lens that breathes during frequent focus changes. True match-moving may prove impossible, but a good artist could likely approximate it, and with a constantly-moving creature any “play” would be forgiveable.
  • 3D - the creature is seen as nothing but tentacles, with no central anchor point: seeming to come from everywhere. A slug-like skin texture.
  • Compositing - I’m willing to handle this, but if someone wants to put it all together and make this really impressive, I would be thrilled to see it.
  • Roto - One shot, perhaps two, will need some roto work to get around shooting problems (such as removing a poorly-done “wire” gag).

So what do you get? Of course, credit and copy and freedom to use this on a demo reel. BUT! In addition… I am a freelance audio post engineer and a colorist. I’ve finished feature films, shorts, music videos, etc. including rescuing some films where the audio was pronounced “un-usable.” If you or someone you know has a piece that needs good audio post work, or the hand of a colorist to match shots or really make a production “polished” I’d love to offer an exchange of services.

Thanks for considering!