I recently purchased a flash tutorial which used Blender so I had to come and see what it was all about. After looking over everyones work here, the Blender site and learning about this community I’m extremely excited about the whole thing.
I’ve not worked with the program yet but have worked with other 3D programs minimally. I just wanted to say hello and incredible work everyone. I’m looking forward to ripping through all the tutorials and learning the software.

Welcome bro, Its a great program, and the forums are a lot of fun.


This is da Cool site for Cool Peoples.

Welcome to BA Forums and Blender.

Is the tutorial you mentioned from CartoonSmart? Just wondering, I was real surprised to see a Blender tutorial in Justin’s latest newsletter. This app is really getting popular lately it seems.

Btw learning Blender is a long-term endeavor. It’s many times more complicated than Flash. Be careful or you’ll forget all about Flash, like I have -it’s been almost 2 years since I last opened it (cringe). :slight_smile:


In case you haven’t found those already, here’s the most up to date Blender manual in the wiki, which is full of very good learning material.

Thanks Guys. Yeah I figured it was a long term deal and I’m ready for it. I have my degree in animation and I did mostly stop motion and camera work so this should feel natural to me (crossing fingers) :eek:

O, so your not new to this whole shenanagin, thats good :D. My friend does stopmotion, not professionally but they are pretty cool and funny. Any commercial stuff you wanna slap up here?

Oh, yeah. I’m kind of the ‘cool’ kid around here, and while I don’t like that term, that’s just what they call me. So, if you need any showing around, or if someones bullying you, drop me a PM, and I’ll beat em up, hopefully get your lunch money back. Cya around :smiley:

Stop motion, huh? How was that? Ive always wanted to get into that, but Im not sure what kind of software/equipment etc is good to start with.

Tips? Maybe a link to your work?