Exclude environment color (horizon) from reflections?

Hey, I was wondering if there was any way I could exclude the horizon color from renderings? I’m using a light color as a background, but that really messes up my reflections on reflecting materials; they are all too “bright”. I was planning on creating reflections with white emitting planes, but they don’t really work that well when the object is already reflecting the white background colour. So if you’ve got any ideas, please help me out! :slight_smile:


You can tell blender to separate the reflection pass, and then using the node editor to decide what object will and wont receive reflections.

You can also do the same things for environment passes and many other passes

Attached is a blend file demonstrating it.


Blender 2.56 - Seperating Reflection Passes.blend (515 KB)

Thanks, I’ll look into it!