exclude object from AO (new reference image)


can anybody tell me if it’s possible to exclude objects from ambient occlusion?

You can render them seperately then put them back together in the sequence editor.

hi fonix wircs,

hmm good idea, never thought about this. but i suppose, that this takes the possibility, that the object creates a direct shadow on other objects, doesn’t it?

maybe i am searching in the wrong direction. my problem is, that i want to use a cut-out picture of a tree mapped on a plane. with the appropriate settings i finally managed that the plane only shows in the tree-area and the surrounding is transparent. the ray-shadow is ok too, but the ao seems to reference to the whole rectangle plane, so that it doesnt’ fit to the object you see.

hope one can understand what i say.

here’s a reference image. you can see the ao coming from the whole plane instead of the cut-out image (the directshadow works nicely).

any suggestions?