Exclude objects from light source. 2.8

I need to the selected light source illuminated only the cube. Other light sources will also illuminate the cube and other objects. The selected light source should illuminate only the cube and not affect other objects.
How to do it? Is there something like Light Groups or something else in 2.8?
sorry for my English

It is not possible to do it. There is no light linking supported.
EEVEE can’t do that and Cycles can’t, too.

With Cycles nodes, you can limit effect of a light to some bounces or to a scene area.
But EEVEE lights don’t support nodes. You can just precise a custom distance for light illumination.

The other alternative is to make two view layers with different lighting and mix them at compositing.


Basic, highly necessary in production functionality just not there. Amazing.

There’s been times I’ve missed it too, I asked for it here, the more people ask for it the sooner we’ll have it. https://devtalk.blender.org/t/cycles-requests/3729

I’ve been searching about it and there’s a patch for it but needs to be revised. It’s a lot of things, it would be nice if someone made a custom build for it… @Bone-Studio maybe? https://developer.blender.org/D1985

One year later everything seems still dead cold. I was trying to move to blender but this feature makes up 20% of my daily job, without even considering bath render of multiple versions of the same scene.

Blender keeps looking “a couple features” away from me… and its been years now that “a couple basic features” keeps missing.