Excluding an object in render

I have some emission planes lighting an object, but I dunno how to make them not seen in the render… I tried putting them into different layers, but the light reflection also disappears when I try to render the wanted layer… How do I do this? btw, I’m using cycles…

In the properties window under Object / Ray Visibility, deselect Camera

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that helped… thanks a lot richie…

This is a solution for Cycles, but what about in Blender Internal?
I have gotten used to Cycles but had to switch to BI for something specific and can’t remember how I used to do this.

For now I’ll set the material to Transparency: Alpha=0, Shadeless, and uncheck Cast buffer Shadows. But this seems kind of hackish.
Still wondering if there’s a way to not render an object in BI.
By the way I do need to render the object’s Pass Index, as that will be used to mask out part of another object. This is why I can’t simply move it to an inactive layer.