Excluding certain commands from "Repeat last"?

Hi guys

I wonder is there any way to exclude cetrain commands from adding to “repeat last” list?
As an example:
i never need “repear last” for switch to edit mode, object mode or undo and so on.

Like a practical example - set flow command from addon.
Just for example: sometimes i need to use set flow a multiple times with iteratively selecting some edges. I.e. i select some edges, make set flow, maybe slide some edges manually, select another one and use set flow again to maintain desired curvature.

  1. for selecting edges i use “select shortest path” hotkeys
  2. use set flow from RMB menu
    now set flow are on the “repeat last” list
  3. i select another edges by use “select shortest path” hotkeys
    Now the “repeat last” list are kind of broken. If i use repeat last it will try to use “select shortest path” again but its kind of useless cause those command are anyway always execute from specific hotkeys.

The obvious solution for that specific case which i describe its just adding hotkeys for set flow command, but it would be more handy if i can just use repeat last with more “smarter” or “cleaner” list where no useless commands are ever added.