Excluding lights from objects


is there a way to exclude and action the lights of objects in blender?
example :
a light that does not illuminate a single object?
an object that doesn’t generate a shadow of a single light?


Hi Abilio. I think that´s it can be possible, only if you setup View Layers.

have tutorial?


I can try to make one for you, later. Meanwhile, if you want to search for one, look for View Layer.


For example, create two Collections: one with a cube, and another with a sphere. Rename the current View Layer to “Cube”. Create another View Layer, and name it as “Sphere”. In the view layer Cube, unchecke the collection that contains the sphere. Use the same concept to the view layer “Sphere”, uncheking the collection that contains the Cube. Render and save it as EXR Multilayer. In Compositor, you´ll noticed there are two different layers: Cube and Sphere.

You can use the same concept for lights. Take a look on some of the tutorials I sent you.