EXE. File problem

OK when I send a game to my sons computer, everything works just find except that the game looks all white. such as if you didnt use UV texturing, but I did. It worked just fine on my CP when I pushed P to test it out, any answers out there? The exe. file worked fine, its just where did the texturing go?

NDNChief, frustrated again, and again, and again, etc…

did you packed the textures? :smiley: if not,go open the .blend file and click on the upper part of the blender window where it syas tools…then click on “pack data” save the game and that’s it…test it now.hope that helps! :smiley:

No I did not pack the Data! (I thought those options up there where for something, UGH!!! LOL) Unfortunately I somehow corrupted my blend file and crashed my CP. After, hitting every button imaginable, trying to figure it out, I must of did something BADDDD! Whenever I tried to UV Texture that one file I would get a FATAL ERROR!!! OUCH!!! So it went to DELETION HEAVEN. I going to do a quick test of what you suggested, and thanks very much for your reply, Ill let you know if it works.

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If only my knowledge of Blender went as fast! LOL…

ouch! you comp.crashed bad? i hope it’s not something serious.well,tell me if it worked…if you need more help,leave a message.see ya! :smiley:

Thanks alot Gargola, no problems now, (at least for a while) I just did not know you had to pack the data. In retrospect it makes alot of sense, how would any one see your textures if you dont send them, LOL… I learn a few things everyday, Thanks again, your reply was right on target.

NDNChief, Happy once again… :smiley:

i’m glad i could help! :smiley: