.exe problam

hi again
sos to bother you again

i want make game as a .exe (and i have)
but all the textures aren’t showing (in the .exe), and the textures are packed,
when its done ill send a demo

I think you have to include the textures in a folder with the exe.
You can unpack the files to make sure you have all of them…

tried that
but thanks
here’s what i get

the floor tex works

Are you using GLSL?

i don’t support it

I’m not sure…
A .blend could help.:wink:

are you using the Win 64 version of blender? I had problems with it…

First thing… you have 400 posts, so it’s surprising that you’ve now posted 2 questions in the wrong forums. The WIP forum is for displaying… works in progress. You need to be posting questions in the Game Engine Support and Discussion forum.

Next, a blend file would really help us see the problem. Maybe you’re using the wrong method of applying textures… is your idea of what it should look like coming from a Blender render, or is it coming from an actual in-blender in-game test?


it worked before, we got the new windows xp and a intel driver.
here is the .blend
!!warning big file!!

That link does not work bud.

sos temp shut,
up now

My main guess is that you did not pack the data… because the file looks like your screenshot even in blender. The images are all there, but the paths are not relative. To pack the data, use File–External Data–Pack into .blend file.

If you want to keep the images outside of the blend file, you can use File–External Data–Make all paths relative, which as long as you keep your directory structure constant should work.

Try packing it and see if it works.

tried it and no it does not work thanks anyway