exe. work on other systems?

hi im just wondering if i made an exe. on my computer (Windows XP) and ya got everything to work got all the DLL. files and everything if i put it on a mac or linux (or windows vista) would the exe. still work? or would i have to make a exe. for each differnt system? if so would i have to be on that system to create an exe. for it or could it all be done on my computer?

thanks J.D.

Macintosh can run EXE if they have something called paralells, I think they can even boot into windows XP now too if they want .

on linux there are a few ways to run windows files, the most popular was is withthe WINE API, there is Cedega, and crossover too.

it is possible to make a linux binary from windows, I have no idea about mac.

itd be probly better to distribute the blend. or have somebody make a runtime on those specific systems. :smiley: