i gone through a bunch of pages and have found vague answers to this but no definitive solution.

When I open my exe the window pops up for a brief second and then its gone. Any solutions?

I’ve placed SDL.dll in the same folder as my exe. I don’t get any errors.

like I said it just blinks and then the window is gone.

I shouldn’t have an issue running these exe files because I can run others I downloaded. I’m figuring it to be some silly button I’ve neglected to click.

umm, the exe will do that if you’ve attached nothing to it, IE if you haven’t properly exported a standalone runtime [same as trying to run blenderplayer]

if you notice, some text should pop up… if you run it from the command line you will see those are the command line arguments

if you wish you can run the blenderplayer as a standalone runtime by using the command line arguments to specify which blend file to load…

thanks z3r0 d. How do I properly export the standalone run time?

All I’m doing now is clicking ‘Save Runtime’.

when the command prompt comes up there is actually nothing in it. Totally

blank. I’ve tried packing data. Still nothing.