Does anyone here know how to turn a .exe into a .blend? Thanks.

yah i have the same question

You can’t !:ba: Think if you can then you can stole all games :D.

If you knew how Blender compiles the .exe files you could probably write a program that de-compiles them back to Blend files.

This would only work on .exe files made with Blender, and you would probably not be able to keep the logic blocks and python code. Also, it would be a lot of work

oh ok that makes since idont have time for all that

See the thread:


Blender not is compiler :no:

Can I ask you whats the use to convert a exe to a blend ?

I have a couple old games that are .exe. The problem is that I deleted the .blend file. Since I made them when I was a noob, I would like to work on them a little more. But if the logic is destroyed then I don’t see the use.

it would be nice to have a feature in blender that would turn an exe into a blend as long as uou have a password from the creator

exefile=raw_input("File path:")

while(line != ""):



pretty simple :spin:

If you Have python installed, add this code as a .py file and run it, and just write the path to the .exe.
Some of you might say its stupid of me to share this simple code caus you dont want people looking/using your methods, well people should have the chanse to learn and play with the stuff you make in blender,(my personal opinion…)

it does work for you guys ye?

I dont understand how i use it ! I made .py file and i have .exe file…so what i do whit those.

create a .py file with the code i gave you, put it in the same dir as the .exe
start the .py file, write the file name of the .exe
Then look in the same dir as the .exe was there will be a file with same name as the .exe but with a ‘.exe.blend’ insted…
If you dont understand it now you dont deserve to use it.

LOL, Im on linux how do i open .exe dir ? (i tryd but nothing)
Amm…if i open .py then comes the code.
Edit: o and i deserve it :smiley:

i dont use linux, so dono how youl do it then :P. dident know you used .exe.
But You can Run a .py file on linux? whats the point in python then lol…
Well annyways, im on windows, Sorry i cant help you convert on linux

LOL:D. But if i change the python .exe to .bin or somthing will it work then too?

well, if the linux .exe is buildt up same way as in windows i guess it will work Yes.
Why dont you give it a try.

Ok, il try but first il look does my .py opens :smiley:

Yea, if people put there games in exe they probably don’t want there games hacked into. Plus, when I would use this code it would always give me this error even if I did everything correctly.

Edit: Wait, I got it to work. I just need to wait 2 minutes. Also, your script didn’t work with the under these conditions:

  • If the game is over 70 MB,
  • if the game is compressed,
  • if the game uses the BlenderGEPplayer ver1.0

The code i gave is just a fast-convert script very basic, if you got a blender .exe over 70 mb you have to wait long… its very much to read i guess ^^, it wont be hard to make a progressbar etc

And blender player 1.0? i dont remember how that works… I havent read to much about old blender exe files…
well see you later guys, hope the script helps a littlebit.:cool:

Ok, I typed in the name of the file and clicked enter and nothing happens.