Executing external exe's?

(Shagwana) #1

How can this be done through blender/pyhton.

The reason to do this is so my script can ‘dump’ the raw data and for my external proggy to process into a meaningfull file :wink:

(eeshlo) #2

See the python documentation for the os module (6.1.5 Process managment)

(Shagwana) #3

‘import os’ not working :frowning:

guess i need to install/copy something over?

(Shagwana) #4

Aha figured it out :wink:

Install python, then point blender to the lib folder in the pyhton install :slight_smile:

(Shagwana) #5

Is there a way to execute external win32 .exe’s without Blender closing down?

(eeshlo) #6

Yes, look at some other scripts, there might be some closeby that might help you also with other problems you seem to have (questions you posted on blender.org)…