.::EXECUTION FILM::. (adults only)

(wiensta) #1

hi there,
I was bored today so I made this film (not using blender).

Tell me what you think!


btw. i dont mean to offend or anything, nor do i support or endorse the scenes depicted in this film.

(ScottishPig) #2

I was bored today so I made this film (not using blender).

Gotta love those blender discussion boards.

(BgDM) #3

Your a sick boy. But I guess that makes me a sick boy too, cause I looked at it.


(haunt_house) #4

What did you make it for?

(schock) #5

Why don’t you go and post that on some “I am F***ing dimented” forum. This is a blender forum where we show blender work or am I missing something. I would much rather be offended by blender work then whatever the hell that was.

(slikdigit) #6

I don’t know why you are so offended- you had plenty of warning to not see it, so why did you? Yes, its a blender board, and I suppose technically thats an objection, but thats not the real reason for your anger.
I don’t think wiensta is trying to say with this ‘go and execute someone today, and see how cool it is’
I’m not saying “chill out, relax” or anything like that. Its your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I’m geniunely interested in this. I like it when things provoke discussion, when they provoke questioning of what they mean. Execution happens to be for me one of the most shocking human behaviours possible, for some reason beyond such phenomena as war or mass murder- I don’t know why. Even thougn this piece is only what w. said, i.e. just something he/she did while bored one day, I’m always glad for the oppurtunities for us to confront our demons. In a way (to wax hyperbolic) art is like the socratic definition of rhetoric, good and bad. Bad art/rhetoric (or at least, easy art) gives us what we want to hear: snugly things, flattery, massaging of the ego or assuaging of fears. Good art makes us face what we don’t want to face. the ugly things about ourselves, or just makes us learn something. I’m being hyperbolic. But the fact is we’re all almost always making easy decisions, selfish ones, or just agreeing with those made for us. Thats why its so offensive (i think) to be shown these images. its not just the horror of it, but also the fact that every aspect of what makes up ‘civilization’ is to a large part complicit with these kinds of events.
so in a way wiensta has ‘hijacked’ this forum, but hey- more power too him.
that’s my opinion.

(schock) #7

You were starting to sound like a after school special. This forum cracks me up.

(slikdigit) #8

I thought it offended you.Glad I at least cracked you up.

(Timothy) #9

technically this is not a Blender board though, I won’t stop people from posting these kind of things aslong as they clearly warn in advance.

The only things I won’t allow on this forum are:

  1. Warez
  2. Porn
  3. Posts offensive in nature
  4. Posts breaking somekind of law

Hope this clears something out :).

Personally I find this movie confronting, it really made me think about the sickness of humanity.
I like this compilation for that reason,

Timothy Kanters

(SKPjason) #10

Yay! Freedom of expression!!! You go kibbles!

(SKPjason) #11

BTW… interesting and compelling video. We humans sure are scummy…

…hanging swinging darkies, gassed jews, maggot infested gooks… This is art. (That wasn’t a question… tho I do sometimes question my taste…)

(MoreK) #12

I think it was a good reminder that these things have happened and are still happening. It is so easy to forget this in our suburban homes, where the biggest threat is to burn your thumb when baking pizza.

(Goofster) #13

You bake your own pizza’s? you DAREDEVIL you!

(wewa_juicyb) #14

wow, and here’s me thinking that wet bathroom floors are dangerous… I find it interesting how people can find the truth offensive, not that I don’t understand it. We seem to all be capable such things and yet when comfronted with that fact we freak out… we sure do have archaic brains.
Anybody else got some “deep” thoughts?

(snailrose) #15

rock on very good pictorial presentation

not much else to say

…great work…


(blengine) #16

very very good presentation…this carnage is inside everyone… its revenge, and death penalty(hanging, shooting, electric, gas,injection) is all that is, well maybe for a little protection, but one thing thats sick is watching the news and how people find death and REAL violence as “entertainment”… haha…as they as they get their ratings i suppose…

whats even sicker is watching murder cases and the victims families talk how much they want the murderer to get death… wishing death on someone eh? thats not very nice…thats called vengeance sick people…
hey, lol, its weird how catholics believe in heaven(eternal bliss), yet they want revenge for he murder of their child…lol… or they get angry at god…hello? theyre in eternal bliss… let them be, miss them yes, but be happy for them even more so=)~

MACKE, where do u believe u will go after death? u dont beleive in god, but do u think something will happen after u die?

im very serious when it comes to death =)


(macke) #17

Well, most likely I’ll be buried somewhere with the rest of the dead people.

Nope, I’m pretty sure death is final. I don’t see the problem with that either. I mean, if I’m not concious to figure I’m dead, how could I care?

Furthermore, if there were such a thing like life after death, it would be pretty crowded don’t you think? Unless its only for humans, taken into consideration humas are so evil and that blah blah blah.


(Eraph) #18

So true…


(pofo) #19

im very serious when it comes to death =)

dead serious :o

heh, just had to

  1. pofo

(wiensta) #20

well, im happy this post is geeting replies…but please, comment on the WORK!