Executive new build

Hi all

This is my first attempt at architecture and recreating something real - my house:

UPDATE: new version with Stills as well as Post Apocalyptic damaged version

I made this using photographs and my memory rather than plans so its not 100% accurate.

I didn’t have the time to make every plant properly so I just used simple semi transparent objects for plants and trees. I remembered that my father who was an architect just used simple bits of sponge to make quite effective trees.

The night cycle looked great on my PC but youtube made it too dark :frowning:




Looks nice. Would be good if you did a fly through the garden to add some variation to the shot.

I added a few close up stills to give a better view of the detail and an old photo of the real thing under constuction
Also added a damaged looking post apocalyptic version.

Getting better. I like the close up views. Good detail. The lights at night give a good atmosphere. You should try adding a realistic sky to match the original photograph.