Exercise for later

after I finally stopped being a lazy bastard and got my self into C++ for real (about 50-60% through the books and courses i have -PS thank you Stanford school for providing lessons), I had this idea -and i know it will seem far fetched for a noob like myself- to volunteer some time to help blender, and too be honest there’s not much i could do currently even after building some experience so i decided to ask you guys about what part of blender a fresh c++ programmer should get into (will be nice if it was some legacy code that can work as good experiment) ?

Blender has a section on its website for people looking to get involved. Here’s a link to the section for developers https://www.blender.org/get-involved/developers/
It tells you how to get started, and it links to a list of projects for beginners.

oh never did notice that section before. thank you

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Go to the beginner section for developer on blender website .Also ask question on IRC #blendercoders it helps a lot .