Exercise: From paper to Photoshop

Recently I’ve been wanting learn more about colouring in photoshop, at least to get proficient enough to digitise my original drawings.
It’s a nice challenge to make it all happen while still retaining complete colour controll even after filling it up.
I’m still heavily working on it, I’m currently taking it one layer at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Original drawing:

WIP colouring

Any comments and/or suggestions?

Looks good so far. The eye seems flat, it needs some shading…btw are you using a tablet or mouse?

Mouse, I don’t own a tablet (yet). So for now I’m having a bit of troubles keeping the curves clean.

Nice toon shading. Lips appear dry - no highlights. Also the hair seems to have little volume, we shouldn’t be able to see from the front locks past the cheek all the way to the back of the hair. There should be some hair at the side of the head blocking the view and covering up the ears.

The expression has changed somewhat, in the drawing she has a slightly puzzled look, in the wip she is starting to get angry. I think it’s the second eye in the drawing that contributed to the puzzled look (slightly raised eyebrow, eye looks up and right) which isn’t there to support the expression in the wip. In the wip we imagine the second eye as a mirror to the first, which gives an expression with (slightly) knitted brows and the beginning of a frown at the lips. If you’re going for the original expression you might try the hidden eyebrow over the visible eye.

Nice original drawing, too, by the way.

Mouse, I don’t own a tablet (yet).
I just got a (decent) tablet a few months ago. What a difference! PS: don’t get a cheap tablet. I had one a few years ago and they’re not much better than a mouse.

Thanks for the extensive reply :)Hmm the hair will be a toughy, if I can find the same format of the lineart and readjust it in flash, I could do something about the fact you see to the back of it.

I don’t really mind her facial expression being changed all that much, but if the other eye will add to the picture as a whole…I’ll try to adjust that at the same time with the hair.

Next on my list for shading is the eye and hair , untill I’ve done that…I’ll only be in two lighting layers, one for original colour, other for shadow. When thats done, I’ll work on the highlights.

Thanks ^^

speaking of tablets, I’ve been looking around and there is quite allot to choose from, but I don’t want to go ahead and buy one for it to sit in the dust because it wasen’t adding more to my (‘accurate’) mouse movements.

Nice drawing, and scan of it. Scanning in drawings can be difficult. So are you wanting a cartoon look? or are you wanting to go for, afterwards, a realistic look? Also how are you doing the lights and darks in shading? are they different layers as well?

Also about your signiture: I liked it and… To answer what he did not say in that movie, is that Mole was raised by naked mole rats… from the Alantis cartoon movies.

For now, I want to give it a quality as if it were from an animated movie, but with a bit more detail and effects quality. Like a promotional picture or cover art. The dark and lights shading, I took the same filled area as the face, and then copied it. Overlayerd it with black , then use the eraser or pencil to define the shadow areas, then transparency.

You’re right, we didn’t want to know hahahahah

I picked the drawing up again after some heavy comment and critiques with, and worked with Illustrator to go further this the original lineart. Now back to photoshop…and heavily longing for another session of comments and critique :smiley:
What do you think of the new wip?

Nice skintone. The lips are looking better, too.

Couple of problems with the eye. First, the highlight seems like it’s on the wrong side. The light is coming from the upper right, the highlight off the dome shaped cornea should be on the upper right. Well, actually a bit closer to the center, because of the dome shape. Second, the large highlight indicates a lot of light shining into the eye, which would make the pupil contract. Most people’s upper eyelids lift to uncover the entire pupil, or higher, unless they are blinking. What I’m saying is: the pupil looks too large. I’d suggest drawing a pupil that just touched the upper eyelid.

You might also try making the lower lip color extend a bit wider than the upper lip color, so the upper lip looks more like its resting on the lower lip. As it is, the line extending to the corner of the mouth reads as a cut rather than two surfaces.

Overall, a huge improvement over the earlier image. :slight_smile:

Miner changes made. 1)The highlight 2)Gave skin some extra highlighting.

I was suggested to make some additional changes to the iris to make it less flat, but I’m having a bit difficulty with that. I’ll come back to it later. Next step…shading the hair.


Very nice, but I also agree with Orinoco, that the pupil is too large, it needs to be mabey half that size… also the upper lip I think needs to be a bit darker, because in real life and some shade drawing I did, the upper lip is always darker than the lower one… and the lights and darks of the skin, where the light is hitting it, are either too sharp or too smooth, and in some of the highlights, you have some posterization…, meaning I can see lines of different colors, because of the shading… I don’t know how easy it is for you to fix that… but otherwise it is good…


Nice approach and good result.

I think my biggest concern, which will be a bummer to fix, is that the visible eye is set too wide from the nose. I’d really like to see it pushed a little closer to the centre of her face.