exhibition stall

Hello everybody,
i’m making a model of a stall using Blender internal renderer. this one looks quite “okay” to me, but i think it needs some improving to make it look better.
Any suggestions? thanks all…

It looks like you have some aliasing issues. 1) check to see that OSA is on 2) for a render with an alpha channel, use output file type ‘.png’. 3) in render settings, check ‘premul’ ( premultiplied alpha ).

ups, the picture suffered some bad changes while resizing, hope this one looks okay

what troubles me is that it doesn’t look much realistic, compared to other pics i see here
the question i’m worried about is kinda “is it possible to make the picture better using blender internal?” and if not, which renderer can work better with “good” rendering time? i can’t afford rendering 2 or 4 pics each lasting a day