Exif / Iptc Python script for Blender


I like to write a python script wich manipuilates Exif/ IPTC Data of jpgs rendered in Blender.
this would allow to manage the files afterwards much faster and allow it to sort into new cathegories.

I played now a while with extensions modules like iptcinfo http://pypi.python.org/pypi/IPTCInfo/1.9.2-rc5/ but with no success at all.

Has anyone ever tried to write a script like this?

iptcinfo.py does not install properly to the python in blender. When importet it starts run but brings a error at line 239 - when fixing teh bug there the next error comes…and so on… I don’t think the module itself works (but i have no idea why not)

I also tried pyexiv2 but it works only with python 2.7 and has no python 3.2 support so far.

Maybe someone can give me an idea how I can realise this script.
Thanks you