Existence, I'm Back!


I have decided to make this game FREE!!! But there will be a Collectors edition with more weapons vehicles and characters for $5. There will also be a donate button if you feel nice (or if your blown away by the game ) :slight_smile:

I have also decided to release story expansions (DLC) which will move the story along. (and by the end you wont recognize the game :wink: )


Existence will be a first-person-role-playing-horror-shooter, set in a huge, open world, post-apocalyptic earth, with hundreds of people, all able to converse with you! There are over 6 different story paths, all with their own missions, outcomes, allies and enemies!

Complete freedom awaits!

Although I say this is a RPG, there wont the usual gain xp for each person killed etc. instead I use a more realistic approach, if you do something you get better at if, it you stop doing it, you will slowly lose your edge.

The game will also be fully modable!

Features: - I tried to get every single feature that is in a AAA game in this one!

  • A huge landscape with different terrain types, dessert, tropical, snow topped mountains etc.
  • Full player customization
  • Player Injuries
  • Penetrable objects
  • Emotion driven fuzzy logic AI
  • HUD, Pause screen, inventory, map, etc.
  • A FPS combat system that is affected by weapon and player stats
  • A dialog tree system
  • A dynamic loading system for easy loading of Mods
  • Car physics, car damage, gas system.
  • Splitscreen/LAN/Online multiplayer
  • And so much more!

I expect over 20-30 hours of playing time to beat the game!

amazing screenshots! It looks apotacipytatcal and like it was hit my a meteor! xD! That’s really nice! Good luck on it!

btw, how long have you been working on this in days and I can’t believe you made all those things in just a little over a week, that’s amazing 0.o

man i wish i can play it now :frowning: Btw can you take a screen of the whole map in the 3D window? I want to see the size of it compared to the grid.

@Philman- OMG OMG OMG… GIR!!!

@Excalaberr- …wait for it… WOW!!!

tis r teh suxz

Wow looks really good, can’t wait to play. When do you think you will have the game done and released?

Thanks for the comments!


All of the comments until about page 4 are outdated.


nice screenies! Any enemies yet?

One thing I forgot to mention is that the game is going to be rated M by me, although I will release a T version after the release. The game is rated M for; blood, violence and gore (as in shoot arms off the mutant’s!)


Of course let me give you some teasers! I shot one of them in the arm, can you guess which? :wink:


nice! Good to see a good old blast-em apart game.
oh, and I guess the one in the left pic.

cool, and I don’t think gore and blood is enough to make it mature, I think mature includes, swearing, nudity or horror and most teens don’t care about the rate of the game, I mean, I’ll still play it 0.o

Looks too good for me to wait :frowning:

Well, its only an advisory so, do what you want with it. :slight_smile:

Just finished a script where you can change the graphics settings, for better fps on slower systems.

man that looks so good i swear that it was fallout 3 for a sec

Nowadays excessive violence and gore can get a game rated M…

How many weapons do you have at the moment?

Sounds pretty cool. All that yellow mist I think is a little weird, but nice work!

Now you wake up to find that you have no memory, and a large cut on your arm, which if not treated will turn you into a mutant in 4 days… Can you figure out your past in time to prevent mutanism?

At that point, I wouldn’t care about my past, I’d just get treated… and THEN figure out my past. to be truthful, that premise there just doesn’t make that much sense to me. Your game does look good though. I give it 4*.


Thanks for all the comments!

Well, I dont want to reveal to much info, but it turns out that your past has a pretty important roll.

I currently have one weapon, but am currently working on a weapon system, where each gun has two properties that define the firing speed and damage, so when thats done, it will be easy to add 30-40 weapons!

I also just finalized the inventory, its all coming together! just need the dialog… about 300+ lines of it… still think I can release a beta in less then a week.

Killer screens, can’t wait to try the beta!

Andrew-101 made a me a dialogue script that takes a text and splits it into lines of 30, then 4 lines per page and however much pages you need… I just finished making the beta file and the test for the script if you want to use it you can, I’m just polishing it…

I already have a script that does that, and already had finished the dialog system when I first posted. Thanks anyway!