Exit 8a/9b

My latest Blender Cycles render.
Feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Love the atmosphere and the simplicity of this scene! While an argument could be made that the render lacks elements like grunge on the walls and garbage and other debris to make it feel more real, I personally think that’s beside the point.

My (subjective) interpretation of this is that you weren’t going for realism, but for a distinct hyper-real feeling. So the lack of clutter in the floor, or graffiti on the walls, makes sense…that being said, part of me thinks the scene is a little too simple. There’s a lot of empty space at the bottom of the image, where the floor is. And, the stairs themselves are also very empty as well…

One thing you could do is add a character standing at the top of the stairs, so the shadow gets cast down the steps and onto the floor. Depending on how you want to play things, it could be a benign, freindly figure (like, a guardian waiting to welcome you into the light.) Or it could be a demonic or sinsiter figure, emphasizing the idea that you think you’re safe (since you’ve found the exit and are now so close to ‘The Light’) but there’s a monster waiting for you, barring the way to safety.

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the detailed feedback!
The bottom part of the render is how I wanted it to be but you are right with the top ceiling area. I have no idea how to fill it.
And you are right with the stairs too. Maybe a “ramp” (dont know the englisch word) for rain water on the right side could add some detail and break up the symmetry (in a good way).
And the idea with the person/monster/demon is pretty good too but I already have some background lore for the scene and sadly it would not fit :confused:
But thanks again for the feedback!

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