exit BGE from python

Is there a command?

and what is it?

(I’m changing resolution, want to change it back to it’s original state before exit…)

Ah. The resolution problem. Do you mean that (for example) the user’s resolution is 1024x768, but the game plays in 800x600 fullscreen, and when you exit by pushing “End”, the resolution sticks at 800x600? I had this problem on my PC (Windows), but I found that if you set up the following Logic, the game will restore the default resolution: Keyboard(Esc)>>And>>Game(End this game)

Hope that helps you. The only way I know of to quit the game from Python is by calling a Game>>End Game Actuator.

yeah, I posted this before I went to bed, and 2 seconds after I woke up I realized the whole actuator solution…felt dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

and no, I mean I’m changing the resolution via in-game options by calling a function in C++. Although I also realized this morning that if I change the flag the function uses to a certain one that I was not using, it will return the resolution back to normal upon exiting the application.