Tell me how to improvvvvvvvv !!

The most simple thing: the atmosphere never is clean, we have volcanos and constantly is faling dirtness and dust from the space, don´t forget the motorized vehicles. You need god rays.

i agree that it would be better with god rays

k let me search what is god ray first :()

ah so you mean the sunlight that pierced the clouds. alright I’m try to achieve that kind of effect, or is there a built function in blender to implement it with several clicks?

I dont see any reason why god rays are highlighted as so important here. They are only visible on humid days or industrial cities (vulcanoes… seriously?) and even more factors. For CG it is nothing more than a stylistic devide and not even a must for photo realism. I really dont get why this is supposed to be so important. Do you see god rays on every photograph?

My opinion: Good composition, good idea. The scene is very simple, but that doesnt matter. I have the impression that the perspective of the room doesn’t fit with the landscape.

please delete double posting

please delete double posting

That’s one thing I like about it. I like this piece a lot. Has very much a sense of vertigo, entrapment and trying to escape but finding that the exit is not where it should be and everything is confused/incoherent. And a feeling of “should I try going out this way, or does it just lead into another trap?” Hard to tell what’s real in this world anymore. This piece is actually so reflective of how I feel sometimes it’s a little creepy (yet comforting).

And I agree with centauri, no god rays necessary. Contemporary CG culture’s obsession with god rays and heavenly glows from above is getting to be an annoyance quite frankly, and it belongs no where in this piece. In fact, it would completely ruin the emptiness/godlessness of this piece that I relate to so well.

Oh hey that’s some good advice on god rays. Anyway I should go to learn how to make god rays first lol. Then I can decide whether to use it or not, and adjust it in different scenes ^
And I’m happy + excited this kind of simple work can also be impressive haha!

  • Thanx for the feedback :slight_smile: < I’m push forward this kind of work.

Hey glad you like it haha! I did this image pretty quickly and wasn’t sure if it has something good. lol I love how you analyze the scene ^ I used to make portal 2 levels.
I’m also happy that I’m making the things I always love, those kind of surreal thing, and furthermore to express something different, something people haven’t thought about. I felt the similar feeling in the image quite a few times too :() I remember making an empty, dark, closed room in portal 2 just to feel the loneliness, safety and quietness inside ^
As for the god rays I’m gonna learn it first and then decide whether to use it and try out different styles.

  • Thanx for the feedback. I’m improve for the better :slight_smile: <

And here is how I put on the sky lolol
If anyone can relate to portal 2… anyone???

Never played Portal 2 myself but a friend of mine loves the original Portal.

Keep making renders that express your feelings. It’s something the world needs more of, and less commercial spectacle garbage.

Good points ! And if you are interested here is another piece of image I made recently: