Exnihilio's Falcon

(Goo) #1

Any one else here remember the big hype over the possibility that exnihilio’s falcon model would be used in Episode II? Does anyone here know what happened with that?


P.s. Was the Falcon in Episode II?

(Green) #2

Who ever said that?

The hole deal about that ship was overhyped imho, he spent like a year creating it. In that time you better have a nice thing to show for.

(DAK) #3

I never heard about it going to be used in a movie. I remember he got a job at lucas studio or something, and his model is what got him there. Last I remember he was using lightwave and some of his work was in spotlight at cgchannel.com.

(SKPjason) #4

I love Green’s honesty… “overhyped” - hehehehe

If I remember correctly… the ship got him noticed by ILM… they asked for a portfolio… and at some point, as a result of this attention, he got the lightwave program…

However, regarding the comment about spending a year on the model… Wasn’t he a pastor… with a family and a congregation… I could have swron he was… meaning he probably doesn’t have hours and hours each day to play…

Of course, I could be wrong, usually am, and the LSD flashbacks are getting worse…

(Green) #5

it appears as though he is turning into a legend.

… never heard so many strange rumors about anyone in my life :slight_smile:

(theeth) #6

Green: gheee, what do you know… http://www.centralsource.com/blender/profiles/020.htm


(Green) #7

well il be damned…

(fitting expression, right? :slight_smile:

(Eric) #8

green: To work with a model that long will take ALOT of patience. And I’m sure that’s what ILM were looking for, people with patience.

(Green) #9

if I was hireing people for 3d work I would look for people that can complete a project in the smallest amount of time possible with the highest quality possible.

(Eric) #10

so that doesn’t take patience? :slight_smile:

(Green) #11

depends on the project :stuck_out_tongue:

(Eric) #12

and if the project were an ILM project? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Green) #13

dont know. never worked for ilm!!! ha! :slight_smile:

(blenderanim) #14

I sent him an email after a posting on a board somewhere. He said he wasn’t really interested in the ILM job. He just wanted a copy of Lightwave (which he got). He said he was working for a publisher in New York.

([email protected]) #15

Hi all,

for those of you that havent seen exnihios falcon:

(bottom of the page)

the reason that exnilio`s model was noticed was that , Alex Lindsy
at DVGarage had featured it in one of his weekly videos.

Alex Lindsy worked on the starwars projects for Lucas Arts at one
time, and may still ,i don`t know!


(DAK) #16

I just read he did it in 3dsmax. Is there any cool image that has actualy been done in full blender for once!?

(blengine) #17

that is one cool model! though, even if only a half hour a day, should not have taken him that long :-?
it is really complex yes, but most parts and components that make it complex are not complex themselves… i wonder wheres hes at now?? hmmm ::looks to the stars::

([email protected]) #18

Hi Dak,

Damn, your right !

exnihilo, did use max to render his model:



(blenderanim) #19

Make sure and read the comments next to the photos:
“I am new at MAX so my lighting and rendering job is pretty brutal. The conversion left much to be desired. The mesh is much prettier in blender.”

“Scott is going to do textures only in Blender for you guys, and Mojo is gonna do them for the MAX version.”

{Scott is the creator of the model}

You can probably find him at some of the Lightwave sites. His model was posted there a while back along with some very positive comments about Blender’s UV texturing capabilities.

Yes, it was 100% in Blender with the model posted on the Blender website. Obviously, he did some work to see how it would look in MAX. If he has time, he is probably working on updating it using Lightwave.

([email protected]) #20

Hi Blenderanim,

I did read the comments next to the pictures!

I had assumed that scott rendered the bottom picture in Max,
because of this part of the comment you left out:

> I had to re-calculate the normals of every part on the blender mesh and remove all doubles. Some smoothing needs to be done on some of the spheres and tubes (note segments on the cockpit).

sounds to me like he converted the blend file, and brought it into max
to render, i maybe wrong!(I hope so),

no matter what progy he used, that`s still a damn fine model and
i for one am proud that it was origially done in Blender :smiley:

no hard feelings i hope!