Exo Shell Mech - Gawain

Well i lost my last mech design after i upgraded my computers so heres a new project ^^.

This is my mecha ‘Gawain’. I named him after a knight as he will be weilding longswords. The legs are neally completed, just gotta model the tips of the legs (and the halos on those tips) as well as the black cloth arounf the knee area.

The three halos on his back are only place holders as i plan to make them look like they are made out of pure energy.


Looks really nice so far! I’ll certainly look forward to more shots!

thx mate, heres some more shots of him, please note that the back of his chest area is not finish yet ^^.

I’ve add some detail to his torso ribs and added the knee cloth


Another update. The legs are complete, now starting work on the sword design.
That is its basic shape, just need to modify proportions. The swords will be in a skirting plate on the back of the waist.


someone is getting better and better at his mech designs… This is soooo much better than your first work.

Thanks FreakyDude, I spend a while of the concept sketchs to get this. I think i’ve learnt alot over my last load of projects.

I hope to make a low poly version eventually and make a normal map from this for it :).

Anyhow, a small update. Just added some small engravings on the legs for added detail.


I can’t understand that to some threads no one replies :no:

Anyways, Normally I’m not so much in mechs and that stuff but this one is coming along really well - I’ve been following it from the beginning.

Keep Up The Good Work,
Greetings, Robert

I can’t understand that to some threads no one replies


Great work til now. Would be glad to see your progress! Cheers!

Very nice modeling. I’d love to see a view of the topology if you don’t mind sharing it.

Geh, been ill lately, but i’m on the mend now.

So heres some more updates, the chest area is now complete (minus the back white back area).

I’ve also included a wire shot of the chest for Alex, i’ll add wires of the limbs in the next update.


Looking very nice! Thanks for the wires!

Been designing a few adjustments to gawain. the main being the belly area. I was never happy with it, but now i am. also, I’m adding small wing like arches on the back which will hold the halos. When they are not in use the close together (the ones in the pic are placeholders).

also the legs are getting a ‘slight’ redesign. adding feet to them, HOWEVER, the feet will fold away when in flight. stay tuned ^^


A quick render of the first modifications of the legs. making them more sleek ^^. still alot to modify tho, like the tips and backs of the legs.


Its been a while, but i’ve slowly progressed with the model.

The legs have reached near completion along with the belly to chest area. Tho theres still alot to do ^^.


Wow! That’s like… shinier than shiny.

How do you do your embosses? Hard surface modeling is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but I can’t find any good Blender tutorials.

Finished the main body area, just gotta finish the head, arms and swords etc.

Just made a quick test of an armature too.

@ qazplm
I made slits along the areas and beveled those nearly made edges. I then filled the gaps back in ^^.


Ok, the head and arms are now complete. Just need to finish up the swords and sheath


Ok, I completed the model a few days ago. Now I’m working on the material settings.
I’m currently experimenting with reflections to get the metalic feel, but this is gonna be a slow process.

Unless someone can point in the direction for some good metal settings :slight_smile:
Once the shininess/ reflectivity is about right, I’ll begin texturing with dirt and scratches etc.


Very nice, and it looks like posing works flawlessly. The sword is a very good touch too. Will you model a gun? I think a well designed one would finish off the project nicely.

Thx mate,

I will be adding a rifle, and also a shield. I just wanted to get the materials set and ready before i modeled its accessories ^^.
Tho the posing isn’t flawless, the wrists need slight modifications later on XD