Exodus (Scifi Shortfilm)

I’ve finished this one at the end of last summer. It took me 8 months to create it. Some of the models are more than 2 years old, so dont expect high detailed enviroments.
Except the end titles and some After Effects compositing done by a friend, everything was created in Blender.
I learned so much by doing this film and got much better. Also because of this i decided to study 3d modeling and animation.
It is in German, but it has English subtitles. Hope you enjoy it^^

I like the effect, the shock wave after a ship was destroyed. Very cool

wow that was a lot of work, what will you do next?

very good!!! i did something similar once before i came across blender( i used sketchup and wax 2.0), the subtitiles didn’t appear so i couldn’t understand what they were saying. i really liked that part where the ships came down into earths atmosphere and shot at the city, did you animate all those explosions or add them from other videos.

Thanks! I have no problem with subtitles, you just have to activate them.

I animated the Smoke and the debris. To get a glow effect in the compositor i added a simple particle explosion. Later i put in after effects a fireball from a realfilm footage over the particle explosion.

It was absolutely amazing to see how much work you guys put into this movie! I am deeply impressed. I mean it is not only a short clip of some spaceships being destroyed but an actual movie with a well figured out plot. Maybe some of the models could have been modeled and textured with more detail but that is my only criticism and I am well aware of the fact that this might have increased the amount of time to put into that project even more. So all in all :“ur leiwand”