Exona concept car

My supercar concept,rendered with cycles render and blender3d 2.62.Model was created from scratch,on ferrari 458 italia wheel basis.There are some design elements from ferrari and alfa romeo on my 3d model.Final form was created from 6-10 hours.I tried to tweak a little the world settings in cycles.Also I used compositing nodes,and gimp to get better and lighter highlights.I will continue to search better rendering settings for my beautiful concept car.Feedbacks and critics are welcome.Enjoy my work.


I wish I knew sportcars better – its a beautiful car, nice render. Looks a little plastic, highlights could use a little tightening.

Awesome Car :smiley:

Looks great!

Paint finish is not quite right; some of the edges look a little rounded to me, but as it’s your own concept, if that is what you are looking for then… they are correct. :slight_smile:

Get the paint finish tweaked and the glass too, and you got a really awesome model.

Hard to tell due to image size being a little small.

EDIT: area around the door is wrong too; it doesn’t look like the door is seperate for most of it; only the edge near the side mirror. Could be the way the light lands as looks fine in other pic.

The area just below the side mirror looks pinched or in some way ‘odd’.

Very cool!!! Very aggressive!!! Compliments. Quote for highlights…

Great model man. You should render in cycles with a couple of light emitting planes… It would look epic! Anyways, congratulations. I really like the design.

Thank you all for your feedbacks and critics for my work.Here are some of my screenshots I’v been using to render my concept.For the carpaint material I used video tut from youtube from link below

For the light source I used one bigger plane.World setting was lit with hdr image,set it as lamp.