Exoprting just a material

ok so this is my first post, correct me if im in the wrong sub forum, but anyway… is it possible to export just a material to a new file? something that i could load in another program, like maya? or do i just need to make it a special file thing? thanks for the help ~ mitchel0

file/Append or link, anything from a blend file to another.
If you have generated textures, you have to bake to a UV map, then export the model or just the texture.

how do i bake a uv map thing

Just unwrap your mesh.Then create a new Image.
Go to Scene (f10) and go to “Bake”.
There you have to select Textures and “Selected to active”
When you´re done press BAKE and your generated Textures will be bake onto the Image.

If you want to bake the whole Rendering select “Full Render”.
But there will also Lights be bake onto the image.

Srry for my bad English. I´m German :smiley: