Exoskeleton legs

Hey all!

Just wanted to ask around if anyone has seen any cool blueprint pics of functional
exoskeleton legs.
Which should allow character to make a side kick - at least in height up to its shoulder.
Step with both legs on something what is in height up to its belt at least, and make a decent step backwards too, without its mechanical part obstructions of each other to mess up animation looks.

I’ve been wrecking my mind for months or even a year trying to come up with best looking
solutions for at least decent visual within functionality, but I kept ending up with rotational hinges
attached to left and right sides of characters belt or waist and a part stretching form those rotating hinges to some strange draw type of rails on characters front thighs.
Besides to stick in some hydraulics in design which not necessarily have to be big - seems like total nightmare to achieve.

I’ve seen pics of cool looking designs but unfortunately none of them seem even semi realistically functional, just like scifi “Overwatch” type of skins, beefed up like they’re some extra fake muscle thing which Is far from what I am looking for or trying to come up with. Which in fact is from what I’ve been getting sick of for years just because they can only bend and are made just to artificialy look like something whatever…

Would appreciate any links to check out.

Many thanks in advance.


What ??? Leg to shoulder… :scream: this would hurt… :rofl: i just imageing if both legs go up to the shoulder :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Yeaaah, games has been fascinating me since I was the little stupid kid.
Especially Ultima Online game which has a huge skill tree with wide variety of possible skillsets in order to make many different templates of Character backed up by bonused items.

I loved to hang and farm in Tokuno islands around Yamandon while murking some Ronins at times. And all of this levelling of properties for actuation and sleeping if statements just widens my view that combat could be pretty badass just as in any of Tekken games and even with grabs and some mad throws… as possible options to disarm your opponent alone kept me well entertained and stuff.

And what if life forms on other planets are intelligent enough to understand that the weapon in Characters hand should be priority to watch out for while being swinged at?! - just as imagine apes use wooden sticks to crack nuts - which is quite primitive but still smart.

And without talking about context lines of some martial art specialist advising and rubbing in to Young dude or girl to better train and learn some skills before getting out of town to bring food and other goodies for prosperity of town, people and other beings which could just upgrade their services and other things of context or just kill monsters.

Today is a big day for me by the way as finally I have managed to make some decent conclusions about how to optimize game without much of excess which is put in use.

I called it multi purposing of characters mesh with slight additions of armature.

For example the skill of anatomy, I am planning to program in a way so that at GM value it could heal traumas which critical damage could inflict.
And that could be the reason why bots will chill in corners of towns on that kicked ass idle while refusing character at times willing to help him because he has no money to pay with.

While these kind of acts could work towards points for implementing Karma and gaining some friends and their invites of getting players contact for updates of their "whats up’
But back to the point…

While the transparency of material actions could allow to set up a scene for armor and clothes to disappear to get bones and muscles into place and view to see what is hurt by anatomies inspection.

Thought of making bones and muscles came into my mind because keying of their mesh attached to separate bones could serve for a huge amount of rtfx, fx or so called effects even as blood in many different colors or nuances as shapes and positions in animations for worn and keyed item equipment objects to even consider about avoiding texturing of some models at all because smooth shading of material against any textured background with decent geometry with some mesh elements looks freaking tight enough while the anatomy scene for a bot or the character itself is not in use and is not even lying underneath of the skin doing nothing.

Just matter of fixing the switch by an overlay scene or object tracking the camera from behind of bot or AI
for the moment, and then for it to work as some background for actioned camera around
the of the character.

I’ve learned quite a lot about Blender, but to do badass stuff, character would need to be at least semi believably equipped and dressed accordingly to what it can do.
And I guess it should be with exoskeleton Armor set to be able to swing or pop big weapons which could be as 2-3 meters long swords and big bows which weigh possibly more than character while without the exoskeleton suit it couldn’t even lift it or barely to carry it away before of even thinking about the strength bonus the suit could give to actually use them as scaled versions of normal weapons.
There’s no way around of it I think if I want to kill dragons and mutants in size of a bus or a train wagon or opposing ideology versions of my finalized character.

I am okay with some badass over exaggeration of some events but it should look at least as I wrote - semi believable. And on top of it all I am getting a bit sick of magic too… while wacking and slashing of swords still seem to be sort of okay. But then I like blown fire but not from a character with a book.
And i think it should be some device which is capable of releasing some pressure of flamable liquids by igniting it in the same time. And to achieve lightning I would make stuff to launch balls with attached spool wire threads followed by sneeze of water and electric charge into the cloud to make electric type of lightning. And similar discharging weapon handles preparing weapon itself as a blade or a hammer head or on ammo before lighting it on fire or sneezing some poison liquids on it before the hit or attack. As I quite like the concept of Physical armor with fire, cold, poison and energy working as resistance elements versus same elements of attacks as flamable liquids as I wrote, and even some sneezing of liquid nitrogen for cold damage and even poison and things like that.

So much to think about in order to come up with keys to achieve the best possible sets of looks what geometry of objects can allow me to turn them into in order to optimize my stuff to max.

The movies Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow (based on All You Need Is Kill) probably had the most realistic exo suits i have seen so far.

BTW if you like games with massive skill trees you should give Path of Exile a go, it’s free unless you buy stash upgrades or cosmetics.

Hmm. I may chk out some free trailers of those movies to see the exos, but I doubt that i’ll watch them.
Btw once I had path of Excile but as I was working 9 to 5 and I barely could find time to play until I just deleted it while before that I’ve been playing a bit of Sacred 2 which was totally awesome.

But now I feel so happy that by learning stuff about Blender I managed to kill all of my desires to play any games tough i’ve been suffering addiction to progression in games which was taking over all of my thinking. And now I am a total Blender addict and geometry freak who keeps keying items into various styles with what I have found a total comfort within my mind in order to fulfil my dream of making my own game.

Thanks for Your reply btw. Really.

I’ve checked out some pics of those movies. And I sort overstand those simple technologic and mechanical principles which allow to measure applied pressure of human intended moves by something like digital scale sensors and degree angles in hinges placed in exo while passing information to open and close valves and do other stuff so that exo can move along and so on.

Things like knees, ankles, elbows shouldn’t be that hard while the movement of shoulders for arms to move in all of the directions as well as legs is quite hard, which I can’t see giving me any clues in terms of parts and hydraulic installations in pictures of those movies that I could use towards my project.

Once I almost reached visual achievement along with functionality for legs until I moved leg backwards which ruined everything because of obstructing parts. And so I need to keep thinking towards finding the best mechanical approach to make it happen.
Besides in Elysium those things seem just confusing to look at if You havent been trying to animate them for their purpose in action for needed moves of the character.
While in Edge of Tomorrow it seems like those legs can only walk forward and backwards without ability to make side kick which is really important to me though i’ve noticed the scissor mechanism on its back while it is not really that simple because of the first hinge on the scissor - as there should be another installation for leg to move backwards… while i need it also to be able to bend in its middle of the spine to be able to make moves… to me it seems that there is no solution and it was just created for looks to simulate something like what they tried to invent or come up with. While I need to make it to look like my character is aslo able to jump high because of this technology crafted via enabled menu of blacksmithy and other skills and possibly pierce ground or trees by half meter long sharp bars attached to parts on both sides of ankles to be able to pierce things with them upon kicks and just walk up the tree by help of some claws mixed into design so that it can also hang on branches like bats do after making a backflip jump.


After moving my brain, I realized that in order to achieve something interesting and functional towards these matters. Some parts should be made with dynamic purpose which involves a mechanism of opening a ball which is split in middle like placed in hand as “a bigger splitting ball” which opens as a case moved by worm screws - which could allow the part with smaller ball to be dynamic towards all directions of movement because a ball placed in a bigger ball which opens, while the bigger ball has a hole in it for a bar to stick out of the smaller ball which is inside of the bigger one that splits to open and hold could work as a hinge. And if the bigger ball can open to take the smaller one out. The
part which is attached with the smaller ball could move and serve its purpose with changed place of attachment in the structure. I guess, ill have to keep moving and modelling some concepts to see if i’m right or not. lol

P.S. Kids don’t try this at home unless You’ve manufactured Your own electronics without ghosts inside
which may trip and cause malfunctions at some point and break Your ass if 100% safe limitation frames for mechanisms have not been installed for testing of human body adopting to mad speed Increasements in order to accelerate and support moves.

In concept art, you can ommit lots of technical details. Or even in games or movies, you just dont care about any functionality rather than make it look good on screen.

Which is a big saver, it gives lots of artistic freedom.

Say for example you have a military suit, you will cover it in padded camo and you are OK to go. If you put lots of attention to details, practically you overdesign a part, over the entire humongous picture of everything. :slight_smile: