Exoterrestrial - Third Person Adventure Shooter, animators and scripters wanted

Wheee, look, we have a banner now :smiley:
This is effectively a rethink of the earlier thread I posted seeking people to help with an open-world TPS. I’ve spent a significant amount of time on the design and decided to opt for a more serious and less satirical approach.

New look first post!

Detailed game info:
Background and Story
List and details of features
Also on the website those are on is the blog and forum for the game, do sign up if interested.

Current team:

Myself - Project lead, designer, do-er of all things non-Blender related, some modelling too
Robo3Dguy - modelling, rigging
mcguinnessdr - modelling, animating, programming
TheDawisch - programming, scripting
Visnik - modelling, texturing/UV unwrapping/etc.

We are in search of more team members!
Although at this moment in time we don’t have anything in particular for anyone else to do, we would very much like to get some more riggers/animators, programmers/scripters and UV unwrappers/texturers on board.

Current goal:
Produce an omega (extremely early demo) including the player character, a test level area and building without textures to demonstrate the control system, camera, and the destruction physics.

Pictures, videos and other ADD friendly material
Nothing major to show yet. There’s some screens and concept art further down the thread.

Nice story, have you done any other work?

Interesting- I’d like to see where this goes (unfortunately I can’t offer any help)

…jsut a side note, you had space for about 4 billion people in the arks, while currently there’s about 6.5 billion people, and rising fast- I wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least 8 billion by 2900, if not more.

I have concept art and lots of design elements worked out, along with some idea of the script, the voice types, and I have the whole game map drawn out. Plus I’m still writing this thing up above :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea is that between now and then the world’s population falls to a level that Earth can actually support, either by large amounts of people dying in natural disasters brought about by climate change or by people realising that 6.5 billion is far too many and slowly bringing the population down to a more sane level.

Could you post some concept art?

Whoa! I LOVE the epic story man! Great work on that. I have a good feeling about this project just because you started with a well thought out story. Keep up the good work…and in a while when I see where this project goes, I might be able to offer some help if you wanted.


Because of my revision of the first post, I have nothing to put in this post now, but it will be filled as the time arises.

I’m going to post it as soon as I scan it, and maybe make some colour landscape shots of the planet to try and set the atmosphere too, right now all I have is character and weapon art.

Thanks :3 I’m gonna try and get as much work as I can up, and I know some Python boffins irl too who might be able to help aswell :smiley:

It sound good except for the destruction and chemistry system, there’s a reason they haven’t been done before, they would be incredibly hard to make. They will require ALOT of programming, but where there’s a will, there’s away:D. I might be able to help some, but I’m not commiting to anything. Oh, when you said you can chop people in half with a saw blade gun, is this going to be really gory?

I am aware of the fact that systems like that will take a buttload of programming, but they’re not essential to the design. It would be awesome to have them though. And I wasn’t thinking too gory, not like Dead Space or Manhunt kinda gory. For the saw gun I was more thinking it just chops the body in two, leaves a big blood splat on the floor and then you have two half-ragdolls on the ground, no excessive gore. If it was too gory people would just avoid the game entirely.

First picture up, this is a landscape shot I threw together quickly in SecondLife (the renders in the free version of Terragen look shite) to try and show the kind of atmosphere, rock colours and terrain features of the planet Tethys. It’s not ideal - the sun should be smaller and redder (Gliese 876 is a red dwarf star), and SecondLife builds are done by sticking pre-made shapes like cubes, spheres and tori together rather than editing meshes so the terrain looks kinda odd. The colour scheme is mostly what I’m trying to establish here. More concept art on the way.


The ground texture looks too blurry…

Blame SecondLife for that :stuck_out_tongue: I just pulled up a rock texture, and that prim is close to the camera and at an angle.

More concept art! Scans of some sketches I’ve been doing. Includes drawings of the player character, the main characters, a map of the whole game world with key points and objectives marked on it and a summary of the weapons available with properties, plus an idea for a control scheme. All four sketches are labelled and have an idea for a logo on them. More and more detailed to come.


Oh wow!!! Great scans. I love all the weapons. Do you need help? I could try to model weapons…and if you don’t like them, I try again or whatever…

That would be good practice for me too. But only if you need help :smiley:

I need all the help I can get :stuck_out_tongue: I can supply more detailed weapon drawings to help you with them, but for now I have this old pistol mesh I tried working on for a previous project (this one’s direct ancestor actually). I recommend looking at weapons in Half-Life 2, Red Faction Guerrilla, Killzone (1 or 2), Dead Space, etc. any sci-fi shooters to get the idea about the kinda designs I’m looking for. Just my recommendations. On the other hand feel free to go nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and congrats on 1000 posts : D that was your 1000th post just there :stuck_out_tongue:


pistol.blend (134 KB)

Alright sounds good! I’m not doing much work for the ColdBlood FPS right now, so I’m quite unoccupied. Actually earlier today I was wondering what I should do next in Blender…so this is cool :smiley:

Yeah a more detailed drawing would be great! Shall I start on the Assault Rifle first? I’ll pull out some scrap paper and do some concept sketches from your small image. Then we can compare them to your idea for the weapon and perhaps we can compile a good concept from which I can model.

Oh, and congrats on 1000 posts : D that was your 1000th post just there :stuck_out_tongue:
lol thank you. So what does 1000 posts mean? BA senior member? lol :smiley:

I’ll do the sketches tonight, and probably upload them tomorrow.

The AR design I have there is based on the XM8, except the looping bit is a bit further forward. I’ll get to work on the drawings and upload ASAP.

Great :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ooohh sweet —> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:XM8_-_Final_Version.JPG Could I use this in conjunction with your sketch as a reference?

EDIT2: Done 3 sketches from the XM8 pictured above.

I could contribute, but I’m not going to join a team atm. I can help with modeling and gameplay/scripting. I also suggest making an organized website, keeps everything alot neater in my opinion.