Exotic beermix.

My first try of fluidsim.


Looks cool, is the water a fluid simulation?

Did you render it with BI?

Yes to both questions :). It is fluid sim, and internal renderer.

nice! is the bumpiness in the water from a texture or is it a very high poly mesh?
and a motion blur would make it pretty interesting :slight_smile:

It has about 600000 polys :), no bumpiness.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of the material you used for the water? very good result there.

Here it is, if that is what you meant. :slight_smile:

And when rendering, turned on AO and indirect lighting.


thanks, yes that is what I wanted

Very nice fluidsim and materials. How long did it take to render?

I do nt know exatly, but about 20-25 min.

reminded me of this -> http://www.blenderguru.com/create-an-eye-catching-energy-drink-advertisement/

nice. is the language of the letters estonian?

No, I think it is russian. I just used it as texture, because I liked its design and colours :slight_smile:

It is similar but then again he has taken Andrew’s idea and taken it to his own creative level, which is always good IMO, i prefer to see how tutorials influence people rather than seeing downright copies of them (BTW im guilty of this i posted the iPhone smashing thing he did on this site :s lol oops)

Very good results, and compliments for using Blender Internal.

Well done, but where’s the beer?

Like the Detail

Beer is in the aluminium can :slight_smile:

The water effect seems a little terrible! No offense! While the overall effect is pretty good!