Exotic Butters

They are exotic and hard to find. People travel throughout the world to find them. There special in the way that none of them are from the same place. One piece is from Sweden, another one from Japan. And you have to find what works best for you! But once you find them… There your’s!

Textures: Textures.com
Exotic Butters originally from Five Night At Freddy’s Sister Location

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thy look like ruber to me XD
nice work

Thanks! I made a modification to the original, better?

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did you, ?

Some feedback:

  • The shapes are too regular; butter is a soft material and will always have some deformations.
  • The color is off; butter is more yellow than this.
  • Perhaps adding a better lighting and some SSS would help too.

Research some reference pics (or your fridge :wink:

Image result for butter

Thanks! I’m already on it!

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