Expand the navigation gizmo to other areas

I’m specially talking about this two guys here: (move and zoom)

In apps like modo/c4d etc, those navigation gizmos are not just available in the 3d viewport only, they also exist on all 2d views that supports panning and zooming, like UV/images/dopesheets/node editors etc, which is very handy because it allow us to navigate in those editors even without a 3 buttons mouse, not to mention that it’s very beginner friendly.
So I’m proposing the addition of those gizmos to those editors as well.

Some modo and c4d examples:




I agree that all 2/3-space views should have those, and also for resetting those views. Not sure if 2.8 3d view has GUI for the latter or not, but also 2d views like node editor and VSE should have GUI for that (resetting).

I could see that being handy for tablet users. Not so much for those with a mouse though. Sounds like a good option to me.

Wait. Currently this is in the viewport only? Must be a wip thing, right?
Of course the other editors need to have those gizmos too, otherwise this feature would be incomplete.

Using a tablet does not prevent you from zooming or panning…

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Emulate 3 buttons mouse option is under preferences.
Actually, a newbie needs to learn basics by following tutorial, manual or asking to be able to activate it.

With option on, status bar continue to refer to shortcuts as middle mouse button instead of alt LMB.
It should update with activate with option on. Only tooltip is explaining that MMB will be replaced by Alt LMB.
And status bar does not display shortcuts for zooming unless user make the effort to press Ctrl key.
I would prefer a status bar showing these basics by default.

It will prevent to repeat manipulator in each editor and let more space for other things.
But I have to admit that ability of emulation of 3 buttons mouse is not self-evident.
And except avoiding MMB in defaults of keymap, I have no clue how to solve that.
Maybe a tablet interaction preset could be made to set preferences ON with adapted keymaps.
But I am not sure, it would be more discoverable than user preferences window.

Just too much unnecessary hassle.
The proposal is way more intuitive and faster, that’s why other 3d apps are successfully using it. :wink:

Honestly that sounds useless. I mean, two-button mice went out… at least twenty years ago ? Why would anyone need a zoom/pan widget for ?

What the hell… can we try to be civil ?

I wasn’t?
Okay, sorry then.

Eeehhhh not really no.
It’s cool though, it’s the internet, there’s a margin of error ! No harm done.

I’ll reply still : I do use my laptop when I travel to London for work, but I bring my tablet along, so I am never stuck with the trackpad. I can’t imagine what a chore that must be doing 3d with a trackpad - modeling ? animation ? that sounds like serious suffering… maybe lighting work would be fine with a trackpad ? but then a laptop will usually be quickly limited in this area I guess (that’s not what I do so just guessing).

Actually you can do a lot with the trackpad. Sculpting/painting are the hardest haha, but everything else is doable. Those widgets helps a lot when I’m on the go with Modo, really really handy.
Not being able to do the same with Blender is quite frustrating actually.
A software can’t be too hardware dependent, at least not for navigate.

Yes please, this is very useful…

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Actually, I have to agree. It’s nice to have, but not essential at all.

Tablet users, of which I am one, will have little need for it either.

At the very least, I would expect to be able to turn it off from user prefs (that’s what I would do). I understand that the design is undergoing iteration, but I feel it is visually distracting, and out of character for a Blender UI element.

Apparently it is useful for working on-the-go on a laptop without a mouse or a tablet. I don’t exactly see why anyone would choose to go through this, but I guess it can happen - if I do get stuck in that situation one day I’ll probably be glad it’s there. Or I might borrow a mouse or go for a walk instead.
I don’t want to criticize too harshly : there’s absolutely no harm in adding such a thing, but it seems low priority to me. Just clarifying. There’s always this looming worry of developer humanpower : if time is spent on something it’s not spent on something else, so everybody understandably wants to get their feature in.

We could say the same about the gizmos in the viewport, but you know what, suddenly blender’s viewport became easier to navigate and people are screaming of happiness because of that…
You can’t miss what you never had… That’s why you’re saying that :wink:

And those are the reasons c4d has the best UI, cuz you can use it on almost any situation…

Hey Reg, good news, they are on it…

A new task was created… this is for the uv/image editor, but we are getting there :smiley:


I hope it cotinues to other areas…

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Wise move by Mr. William. :+1:


oh boy! more crap to clutter the screen, which no-one’s going to use after they take 5 minutes to figure out how mouse navigation works.

Please go make some research on ui/ux design before talking crap. oof