Expanding Oscurart Tools and saving alot VRAM for Cycles GPU ?


I would like to expand the Crop-function of the great Oscurart Tools Plugin to automaticly stitch the croped renderingparts together after rendering.

Either this function exists already and my stupid dumphead has just not seen it or I have to expand the script by this function by myself.

I already contacted the autor of the script but he did no answer yet.

My goal is that I can save VRAM (in Cycles with GPU) for huge renderresolutions by render the image in parts (tiles or however you wanna call it).
In my testfile I observed that when I render only one half (render region) of an image it uses about 90% VRAM as when I render the hole image.

I have no idea where to start to find out what functions python offers to stitch an image automaticly together.

How would you go on ?
Or is there any Coder out there which could expand the script with this function ?

Kind regards

I’ve had a look into the Python API, but I coudn’t find an Image-Function to put cropped Renderings together.

Maybe there is an external piece of software which can do that automatically ?

Does anybody know such a piece of software ?

Kind regards

Hi Alain, I never received your contact!
Have you the solution now?

I wrote on your Blog I guess.

Meanwhile we have Tilerendering in Blender and that helps alot to solve the VRAM-Problem.
This thread is obsolete (at least for me) :slight_smile:

Kind regards