Expanding Production Company into Animation

Hey All,

So I currently run a one-man Production Company and make alot of my money off of sources like Youtube, Patreon, Etc. In March, I’ll have completed my bachelors in Digital Cinematography. I’m always trying to expand what I do and so I tried working with someone to make a small CGI Animation that went very well. Not only that, I found I really enjoy doing Animation! (Even if I’m horrible at it).

So I’m looking at doing Belnder 1-6 hours a day and expand that part of the company. Right now, I’m still very basic in knowledge and basically every day I sit back and do tutorials and just try to dig into blender. I just found this site today (hope I’m on the right forum!).

I would love feedback on suggestions, thoughts, and tips when it comes to all this. I will say that I do have some money I can spend on the project, but I will probably not be getting another degree any time soon. I look forward to any feedback!


Hey StoryTeller, welcome to Blender and the forums!

Sounds like you’re laying a good foundation. The DC degree is a good idea esp. if you’re interested in combining your animations with any live-shot footage. It should also help even just in 3D, though the camera/production are virtual.

As for suggestions, keep doing what you’re doing. As many hours as you can and want to put in will get you where you want to be, faster. Tutorials are great for coming to grips with the basic tools and workflows available in Blender.

Once you start branching off into your own ideas/projects, a quick online search (using appropriate terminology) will almost always get you through any snags in your progress. Otherwise, just search this site to see if your question has already been answered, or create a new post if it hasn’t.

This site really is the best place to learn from and get inspired by other Blender artists. Don’t forget the manual though - almost always helpful, even if a little sparse in certain areas (just use the link in Blender’s Help menu to be sure you’ve got the correct manual for the version you’re using).

Looking forward to see what you create going forward. :+1:

I have no idea about cinematography, but what is exactly? More like a director (how you want the movie to look like - how the camera moves - why a shot should be tilted and not horizontal)? Or more like a creative director? (should we use cyborgs -or- robots in this movie)?

Also more related to your work I guess is animation and camera panning right?

However my personal note on animation is that it has rapidly changed within the last 5 years or so. With simple VR equipment you can have really basic pose+hand tracking more or less handle virtual cameras and such. If you haven’t looked into Mandalorian production I suggest that you learn everything about it because it is super disruptive. Techniques like that would cost millions of dollars as used in Avatar and such back in 2008 and now - you get everything out of the box with a proper game engine. Also as well, even the most difficult task of face capture that once was - only WETA could afford something like this - is now piece of cake with an iPhone12 right now - you can have 100% real time face capture that way.

My point is that is technically extremely easy to make a movie right now with these new techniques, as easy as playing with action figures and doll houses, but other than that get all of the CGI goodies.