Expanding the texture area


(Phoboss) #1

Hi guys and girls!
Sorry if this was already mentioned but I’ve searched and didn’t find anything similar.
Maybe it’s a dumb question, but I’m doing a procedural texturing of the terrain and I’d like to mix textures based on height. So, what I’ve done is separated the x,y,z location and mixed my textured based on z location. Now, the problem is, that, I’d like to have a little bit of area around the hole with the same texture as in the hole (like sand at the beach). How can I achieve that, because the mixing goes just till the edge, not over it?

(_NOva) #2

You can try mixing it with vertex colours. Then you can paint where you want the sand to be. You can also blur the vertex paint to give a softer transition from sand to grass.

(Phoboss) #3

I’m trying to avoid vertex coloring since I need it to be fast and easy going because I’m preparing a file to be used for other people and I want it to be as easy as it can get :smiley: