Expanding UV selector in one direction

Ok, so I got my box in the left window and UV mapping in the right window, with a square that I want to size to part of my image in the right window.

Got a couple of questions!

  1. How can I expand out just the right side. If I press S and then say Y, I can expand an edge but it distorts the box. I want the box to say the same size. So, I want to say increase the width to the right only. How??

  2. Can I enter size dimensions to size the box or do you have to drag to size?

  3. Is there a kind of snap to grid facility?

  4. Can I expand out say the right side and the bottom side at the same time?

I’ve been trying all sorts of keystroke combinations and not getting anywhere!



As in the 3d viewport you have snapping (magnet icon on header) and you can set the pivot point for scaling. Position the 2d cursor and set that as the pivot point to scale your selection from.

I wasn’t quite sure what you meant but I did Right mouse click on vertex and then Shift+Right mouse click. All sorted now. :slight_smile: