Expensive Time Moment With ROLEX

Started in 2011 with modelling this watch. Did rendering in BI. Since Cycles I started to experiment with it and see all results. Quality is really lifted up to realism. Complete work in Blender v2.60 / v2.62.3 - Post Pro Gimp v2.6

Great work !

Is looking good :slight_smile:
nice work.

Thank you for the attention. :wink:

That’s very nice. I really like the metal shader - any chance you could post the settings for it?


I think you meant to use the word “too” … I do not like the text at the bottom, it looks thrown together in comparison to the quality of the model above. In regards to the render above… superb work! Keep it up!

looks flippin awesome…

really top notch work!!! I love it.

This is a beautiful model with beautiful details, and incredibly realistic. The text at the bottom, as said above, throws it off just a bit (especially with the grammar), otherwise, it’s FLAWLESS

Thank you all.

  • Janjy, no problem I will do that in my next comment.
  • Plantar, very clear tnx. Was looking for a good text. Give me a line that is okay. I need a good message in it.

Very awesome!

Excellent. Get rid of all that text for a real pro look.

Great!! I like it.

looks awesome…

That looks good man, good work

high quality rendering there man! the realism is quite impressive, I like the textures of the brushed metal

Great to see all those comments. Janjy, I checked the settings on the silver color. Must see that it was nothing special see image. I think it’s also the way of lighting at did the job for me.

This case I used a Upper plan, key light, fill light. All plans with emitting white light. Also turn a little the exposure to 1.4.

The only problem that I have is that in Blender my anti alias is not nice. Most models has them and can’t rid of it in a nice way. What’s the trick on that! Somebody knows…:spin:

Oh before I forget the text has changed this time into something better a hope, and uploaded new images !!