Experement face WIP

experement face WIP

after so long of covid-19 isolation
i spent over 9 years trying to achiv the best and easy way to creat 2d comic like art and ainmation using 3d , and i have seen countles artist and studions that created new and beautiful styls …

Uploading: experment face 01.png…

back in 2018 i manged to creat toon comic like style in blender …
this is an experment character for my project LEGENDS OF TIME… which i made a facebook bage for to try and see how far can i go with this
what do you think of this style … feed back is apreciated …
i used blender for modling and rendring
krita for the texture

more on :https://www.artstation.com/alfanas


This reminds me of the Dawn of the Seeker animation style. Just like it

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thank you so much man :slight_smile: